»Mr. Md. Momin Ullah Patwary, BP. MBA, Director of the company has taken the duties and responsibilities as Managing Director & CEO of NCR Ltd.   
National Credit Ratings Ltd

Rating Committee

Rating Committee (RC) is the apex authority for giving an Opinion on the rated entity/instrument To ensure the quality of the ratings, NCR follows two-tiered RC structured a) Internal Rating Committee b) Five members rating committee, with two independent members taken from the panel of profeessional and sectoral experts. Currently the panels of professionals are:

  1. Mr. Md. Ashaduzzaman, Former Managing Director, SIBL


  2. Mr. Shah Md. Nurul Alam, Former MD., Southeast & Mercantile Bank Ltd.


  3. Engr. Badrul Hasan Khan, Chief Executive, Prime Asset Management Consultant


  4. Mr. Mohammad Hossain, Former Managing Director, Sonali Bank Ltd.


  5. Dr. Sujit R. Saha, Professor & Director, Centre for Training & Research, IBAIS University


  6. Dr. R. M. Debnath, Director, Janata Bank Ltd. and a Former Banker


  7. Mr. M Aftab Uddin Shah, Former Managing Director, Global Insurance Company Ltd.


  8. Mr. M Alauddin A. Majid, Former Managing Director, Basic Bank Ltd.

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